Kill the Bills

The United States is in trouble. Have you seen the debt clock? It looks like an ominous ticking time bomb. Go to the US Debt Clock and see it for yourself. Pretty scary stuff with all the color-coded boxes and flashing numbers. Look at the top left portion. The total debt is $20 trillion and climbing fast. The debt per taxpayer totals over $170,000. Most Americans simply do not have that kind of extra cash sitting around. If you are waiting for political leaders to craft a disciplined budget that will save the day, forget it. Lawmakers recently passed a spending bill which will add one trillion dollars to the national debt in a single year. Some leaders are saying that the national debt is the number one security concern.

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Teaching for Life Change

As a pastor and Bible expositor, I have been teaching people the Word of God for 38 years. At least two times each week on average, 50 weeks every year, I have preached and taught the Word of God to people all across the USA in conferences, but mostly in the local church. That means I have delivered at least (if not more than) 3,800 messages and Bible studies. I cringe a bit when I consider the early years and how ill prepared I was on certain occasions. When I was 17 years old, I preached my first message on “youth Sunday.” I remember mentally and emotionally freezing up in the middle of the sermon. I literally did not know what to say next. Fear gripped me. But one of my mentors, sitting in the very middle of the room, caught my eye and was smiling uncontrollably in my direction. He passed to me a strong look of console and confidence. I returned to my meager notes and finished the sermon. If it were not for that one confidence-boosting connection at that very moment in my life, I may have quit the idea of ministry as a vocation right then and there. But thanks to God (and thanks to my friend), I am still preaching and teaching the Word of God today.

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Freedom to Work

I counsel and coach people who seek a vocational transition. Some of those people desire to work a different field and believe that doing so will make them happy. The truth is that work, right where they are for now, is the gift. Sure. Find work that matches gifts and talents, but do not count on the job itself to give happiness. Work is the gift. It is the vocation. Having a right attitude about work brings joy and meaning.