Influence People and Change the World

As an Executive Leader, you are the TALENT who holds the JOB and who will make a powerful difference in the lives of thousands of people in a business lifetime.

Superior Performance is required for leading people at high levels. A leader is a Person who influences People to accomplish a Purpose. High performing leadership begins by catching a vision of what is possible. Influencing people happens through growth and practice. What is your strategy to achieve Superior Leadership Performance?

Start your journey by connecting and collaborating with a like-minded professional community. Also acquire a trained, skilled, and certified executive coach. ELR provides both. The result will be powerful personal and professional transformation. ELR believes that a transformed leader will change the world.

ELR Transformation Process and Growth Opportunities

Executive Leadership Roundtables

Executive Roundtables Collaborate - Transform

Monthly executive connection, collaboration, and coaching.

Mature manager giving a presentation to his colleagues in the office.

Executive Coaching Forged for the Success

A professional relationship forged for the success of the executive leader.


Leadership Tools Understand and Apply

Leadership assessments that create awareness and positive change.

Executive Leadership Roundtables

Leading for Life Change™ Blog Read - Learn - Grow

Written and video content for people who seek to learn and transform. (Coming Summer 2019)

Executive Leadership Roundtables

Leading for Life Change™ Workshops

Workshops and classes for people on any level of leadership. (Coming September 2019)


I recommend Dr. Wright for leadership coaching and training. I have worked with him for a while and he has a passion for developing business leaders with a Kingdom focus.

John Benner, General Manager

Benner’s Carriage House Inc.
Authorized Ethan Allen Retailer

Over the years Dr. Wright has proven to be a person genuinely interested in my personal and professional success. His training, experience, and wisdom are well suited to coaching and challenging business professionals to higher levels of leadership and business accomplishments. I look forward to spending more time with Dr. Wright as he helps sharpen my focus, my decision- making, and achieving life and leadership goals.

Brett Bradford, Owner

Sawmill Resources, LLC
Southlake, Texas

Dr. Wright is a man of still wisdom. He can deliver a question or statement with such vernacular, inflection, and empathy that he can strike a core point without ever seeming critical. For this reason, I find myself being casually invited outside my comfort zone during my frequent conversations with Dr. Wright. He’s an intellectual, but with a concrete foundation in moral Truth. Whether over lunch or in a formal setting, the topics normally turn to the “whys” of my business and personal decisions. He’s truly one of the few men in my life I share my concerns with from whom I can confidently expect both principled and practical counsel.

Dan Trantham, Chief Growth Officer

Junction Industries, LLC
Fort Worth, Texas

“Dr. Wright has been a trusted coach for many years providing wise counsel regarding business relationships and leadership. To be able to talk to Dr. Wright about issues and decisions, as well receive teaching and training for my personal and professional life, has been very beneficial. His life and leadership experience have helped me focus on my own decision-making and discernment.”

Mack Zimmerman, Attorney

The Zimmerman Law Firm
Southlake, Texas