Ready to change the world?

Begin with Personal and Professional Transformation

We offer entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners an opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded high performers. Through monthly teaching, training, discussions, and coaching, our leaders are challenged to learn, grow, and practice smart leadership skills that will deeply transform them on personal and professional levels as well as make a powerful difference in the lives of the people they influence.

Engage in Opportunities that Serve You Best

Leading for Life Change Workshops
Beginning Summer 2020

Leading for Life Change Workshops is a monthly gathering of up to 40 experienced and/or emerging leaders from across the business spectrum. Topics include leadership behaviors, acumen, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and more.

Executive Leadership Roundtables
Beginning Summer 2020

We offer a very exclusive and unique monthly small-group and one-on-one coaching experience to 7 executive leaders at a time. Participants address real issues and extraordinary challenges while co-creating winning solutions.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching is a professional relationship between Coach and Executive forged for the transformation and success of the Executive. Some clients add Executive Team Coaching for a more robust transformation experience.

Executive Tools
We measure leadership in five dimensions – behaviors, driving forces, emotional intelligence, competencies, and acumen. As a Value Added Member of TTI Success Insights, we offer assessment tools to adequately serve our exceptional clients.

A transformed leader and organization can change the world!

Dr. Michael Wright