Get ready to change the world!

Welcome to Executive Leadership Roundtables™.

We offer executive leaders and business owners opportunities to connect with other top performers and collaborate via workshops, small group roundtables, and 1/1 executive coaching. The result is personal and professional transformation.

A transformed leader can change the world!

Dr. Michael Wright

The ELR Process

Executive Leadership Roundtables™ is a monthly gathering of up to seven executive leaders and business owners. Guided by a highly trained and heavily experienced group coach, they address current challenges and co-create positive solutions.

Executive Leadership Coaching is a professional relationship between executive coach and client forged for the success of the executive client. One-on-one Executive Coaching stirs deeper thinking, increased awareness, and fruitful strategies for success.

Executive Leadership Tools are assessments crafted to measure leadership behaviors, driving forces, emotional intelligence, competencies, and acumen. As a Value Added Associate with TTI Success Insights, Dr. Wright offers these tools to serve his exceptional clients.

It’s not about serving thousands of lives at one time. It is about serving thousands of lives over one lifetime.

Dr. Michael Wright