The Man

In the Fall of 2018, and after thirty-eight years of local church ministry, Dr. Michael Wright took early retirement, but did not take a vacation. He traded working with congregants on Sundays for serving leaders on weekdays. As a result, Dr. Wright now engages high performing leaders in the DFW area and beyond. He delivers powerful teaching, practical training, and professional coaching to equip and change lives. Dr. Wright uses accurate and reliable assessment tools to create leader awareness leading to rich personal and professional transformation.

Stepping out in faith, Dr. Wright launched an encore career. It is a simple mission: Provide business leaders and entrepreneurs, pastors and lay leaders, a process which fosters private and public transformation.

Dr. Wright has been married to Natalie since May 1983. They have two children, a son-in-law, and four grandchildren. Dr. Wright is an aviator, fly fisherman, and photographer. He enjoys travel with Natalie, family holidays, and vacations. Life is good thanks to God.

The Mission

Teaching for life change. Stirring mind and heart for personal and professional transformation from a biblical world view.

Training for performance. Provoking hands and feet for practical experience producing rigorous faith and rich wisdom.

Coaching for accountability and support. Coaching is a professional relationship between coach and client forged for client success.

Tools for creating awareness. Assessment tools help measure performance, creating a baseline for richer coaching discussions.