The Man

In the Fall of 2018, I took early retirement, but did not take a vacation. Stepping out in faith, I launched an encore career providing top leaders a proven process which fosters personal and professional, transformation. I strongly believe that a transformed leader can change the world.

I have been married to Natalie since May 1983. We have two children, a son-in-law, and four grandchildren. I am a passionate aviator, fly fisherman, and photographer. I thoroughly enjoy traveling to new places with Natalie, fall/winter holidays, and spring/summer family vacations. Life is good thanks to God.

I hold professional degrees – Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, (Master of Divinity equivalency), Doctor of Ministry – majoring in counseling, education, and pastoral ministry. My doctoral project and paper focussed on coaching leaders.

When working with leaders and the organizations they influence, I offer four interrelated levels of personal, professional, and organizational support – teaching, training, coaching, and tools.

The Method

Teaching. Feeding the mind for a more robust personal and professional world view.

Training. Equipping the hands to take positive action through consistent practice and evaluation.

Coaching. Encouraging the heart to craft successful strategies via a powerful coaching relationship.

Tools. Stirring knowledge and awareness by reading good books and responding to reliable assessments.